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Once a Gift Cards or Punch Pass is purchased online you will receive a confirmation email. The code in that email can be used in store to get a physical card. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PHYSICAL CARD MAILED TO YOU, PLEASE EMAIL US AT contact@lowesairsports.com for more info.
Basic Parkour Tuesday | 9-10am

Basic parkour from 9-10am every Tuesday from May 31-Aug 9.

Parkour Qualifier Competition & Meetup

Parkour qualifier competition and meetup admission. July 27, 2022

Basic Parkour Thursday | 9-10am

Basic parkour from 9-10am every Thursday from June 2-Aug 11.

Experienced Parkour Tuesday & Thursday | 10-11am

Experienced parkour from 10-11am every Tuesday and Thursday from May 31- Aug 11.

*coach approval needed for new students to join this level*

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